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What's Edgy, Sexy and passed down from your Grandma?

Posted on September 20, 2013 by HeartCoeur | 0 comments

I know, I took some liberties with this blog post title. But today I'm talking about my makeup "go-to", a combination that is not only a classic, but it's easy to do and never fails.

My "go-to" combo is straight from the 50's, so I'm guessing that many of our boomin' grannies were rocking this look: the classic black lined eye and red lip. 

The black lined eye and red lip is sexy, edgy, flattering and yet still classic. It's Gwen Stefani, Rockabilly, 50's, and then still modern. What I'm saying is, it's everything and everyone can pull it off (with the right colour red and right eye line technique).

To achieve this look, these are my go to products:


Manic Panic Collection's eye liner eye shadow duo in raven, one part black creme liner and one part black eyeshadow, it also comes with a double ended brush for lining and smudging. This is a great product for achieving any combination of black lined eye. The creme liner is precise and stays in place, the shadow is great for setting the liner and adding a bit of '"smoke". 

To get a hot red/cherry red lip, I like to use Manic Panic Collection's High Voltage Lipgloss in "Radioactive". It is a powerfully pigmented gloss, great on its own or by using just a dab over red lipstick. When using this gloss I recommend a red lip liner, to keep your lip line precise (red lip glosses can "travel").   

This look would never be complete without mascara, tonnes of black magical mascara. It's no secret around here that we love Manic Panic Collection's mascara in raven. It's been voted as the best vegan mascara by countless beauty bloggers and we agree that it's amazing for achieving dramatic lush lashes.  

Here I am wearing this combination (and being blatant about product placement): 

And again, this time to a baseball game: 

And swatches...(PS I'm not the biggest fan of having my hands photographed, so doing this means I really love you):

Manic Panic Collection is Vegan and Cruelty Free. HeartCoeur carries a large selection of their high preforming and FUN products, check them all out here

Do you have a favourite "go-to" for your makeup routine? Better yet, a makeup tip learned from your grandmother? Let us know in the comments section!


Carla from HeartCoeur

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